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  • In Memoriam, Joe C. Pacifico
    Joe was always a kind and thoughtful person. He was personal and always had time to talk to you.  Joe was passionate about mental health. He will be missed immensely. Andrea
  • Can’t quite figure out what’s going on with your teen?
    Here are some tips to help you navigate the murky waters of parenting a teen …
  • Is Christian Counseling an Oxymoron?
    Can one be a Bible-believing, evangelical Christian and receive mental health counseling? Can mental health counseling be done within a biblical framework?
  • Tips to Enrich Your Mental Health
    Feeling stressed? Here are some tips that well help give you peace …
  • Losses Leading to Rebirth
    Since the pandemic has started we have had a tremendous number of losses. Some of these are relatively small, like the loss of our usual routine. Some are larger, like the loss of being able to hug or even be with others. Some losses felt catastrophic as many of us had death, threat to income, insecure futures to deal with.
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