Mission Statement

Christian Counseling Associates, Inc. is an agent of change, enabling persons – through listening, using therapy skills, and applying principles of Scripture – to move away from obstacles and toward restoration to wholeness.

Vision Statement

Healthier functioning in churches and communities, greater lifer satisfaction for individuals, couples and families we serve.


  • To provide the highest quality of services in the mental health field, reflecting Christ’s love and compassion when doing so.
  • To do everything possible to meet CCA’s clients’ needs in a timely, courteous, professional, ethical, and helpful manner.  To always remember that the clients are the organization’s lifeblood and reason for existence; that serving them is not an imposition or time; they are the reason CCA exists.
  • To provide a work environment that enables every employee to reach the highest possible level of professional and personal fulfillment.
  • To seek ways to improve the organization’s operation and better serve clients.
  • To Generate fair and reasonable revenues so that CCA can continue to exist and adequate wages can be paid to employees.