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Jere Denlinger MA LCPC


Jere Denlinger has been doing counseling for 30 plus years. He especially enjoys Christian Counseling, because for tougher cases, he can bring in unseen assistance! He has a Master’s degree in counseling from the University of Oregon, and postgrad training from the University of Maryland, in family systems.

He feels especially comfortable working with anxiety and/or relationship issues, likes to be surprised, and utilizes humor. For kids, he’ll use play therapy; for couples, he’ll bring in family-of-origin patterns, and love languages. He loves his work!

On the personal side, he enjoys nature and sports, driving in the country, listening to talk radio and music; he’s been married to Corinne, a business-health writer from NYC. They have has two grown boys, and a grandson.

He’s written two books – a new age novel, and a Christian confessional, finds that counseling and writing work well together.