Our services are available both In-Person and through Teletherapy

We Provide …

     the following services from a soundly Christian perspective:

  • Individual Psychotherapy: We work with individuals in achieving control over actions through an understanding of how thoughts, feelings, and decisions produce actions.
  • Marriage and Couple Counseling: We help couples improve communication and problem solving skills and find ways to resolve relationship differences.
  • Family Therapy: We work with families to identify and change unhealthy patterns of relating and to establish better communication.
  • Classes and Seminars: We offer instruction in topics such as Anger Management, Premarital Marriage Seminars and Couples Communication. The classes are taught at our offices or at various locations in the community.
  • Guest Speakers & Retreat Leaders: Our staff members may be available to speak to your Church group, retreat, or other group, on topics which are related to mental health concerns.

We Help …

     clients cope with situations and issues such as:

  • Abuse Survivor Issues: related to physical emotional or sexual abuse in the past.
  • Adjustment Problems: to sudden changes in circumstances.
  • Anxiety Disorders: including panic disorder, obsessive compulsive behaviors and dealing with various kinds of fears.
  • Codependency Issues: including over-controlling or under-controlling, lack of appropriate interpersonal boundaries, and feeling lost.
  • Communication Problems: either within a marriage or with other people.
  • Depression: either arising out of response to one’s situation or caused by biochemical factors.
  • Forgiveness: allowing the freedom to continue your life.
  • Guilt: requiring either repentance and forgiveness for true guilt or resolving of factors leading to false guilt.
  • Identity Issues: unsureness and discomfort about who you are or what you believe.
  • Parenting Difficulties: including how to overcome power struggles and how to design appropriate natural consequences for a child’s actions.
  • Shame: dealing with the shame associated with past hurts and traumas.
  • Stress Management: finding appropriate, Godly ways to cope with the demands of life.
  • Trauma Treatment: including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.