What’s it like to work here? Here’s what our staff says about it …

David Moore—Therapist Intern, working toward M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

In the course of completing my practicum experience at Christian Counseling Associates (CCA), I learned what it actually means to engage in continuous professional reflection, and I am confident that the level of contemplation achieved was fostered by the discipleship I found at CCA.  I took full advantage of the fusion of professional interaction, integrating concepts and principles offered by the competent and passionate clinical staff.  This proved extremely supportive and enriching to my faith-informed clinical identity and practice, leaving me versed on a level that only decades of clinical experience provide.  I learned to set personal and professional goals for myself, and then sustained by skilled and devoted supervision, reach those objectives. 

My supervision at CCA was an austere Christian presence.  I was held to standards befitting the position and the field of professional counseling, while being supported and heartened by Dr. Morris, the executive director of CCA.  Dr. Morris is extremely dedicated to the promotion of those she serves, including her staff and supervisees.  She exemplifies the Biblical mandates that we Christians have been given and always leads by Godly example.  I felt extremely blessed to have the opportunity to learn from her and know that her presence in my life was by design, and beneficial to my faith, my practice, and those I serve.     

My fellow clinicians never once made me feel less than or inferior (as an intern), and recurrently made time for me, whether it involved collaboration, consultation, or just conversation.  The administrative staff also always made every effort to make me feel as though I was part of the team and aided me in every way possible.  The best summation is that CCA quickly felt like home, with all the comforts, accessibilities, reinforcement, and warmth one would hope.  

Connie Almony, M.A., Former therapist, Current Mental Health Client Management Consultant and Remote-Work Implementation Coordinator

I’ve worked at Christian Counseling Associates, Inc. (CCA) in Columbia, MD since December 1993. Yep, that’s a very long time! I’ve been a receptionist, a part-time therapist, a Mental Health Client Management Consultant and the Remote-Work Implementation Coordinator. My life has changed over the decades, but one thing has not. I believe in what CCA does for their clients and I want to do everything I can to help CCA continue the mission of using both mental health training and deep faith to restore the hurting into wholeness with Christ.

Therapists at CCA have the ability and experience to use the perfect mix of mental health treatment practices offered within a biblical framework. The client’s Christian faith is never maligned or belittled as I’ve seen happen in some secular agencies. On the contrary, the clinician has the desire to help the client dig deeper into that faith, finding even more meaning and purpose in their lives.

I am grateful God gave me the opportunity to work with such a ministry as well as become part of the “family” I have accumulated in the many years I have worked with this wonderful, compassionate staff. It truly changed my life for the better!

Andrea Morris, Ph.D, CCA Clinical Director

  • Being able to pray before, during and after sessions
  • The family atmosphere of the office and staff
  • The wisdom, grace and patience of the mental health client management team. Their peace under pressure says the Holy Spirit is at work

Lewis Barnett, Jr. MSW, LCSW-C

  • The constant covering of prayer by staff
  • The ability to share about faith and challenge others to do the same
  • The clinical staff with years of experience to support you


  • That so many clients want to approach their issues from a faith-based perspective 
  • That the staff have a very personal relationship with each other
  • That our leadership is so dedicated to encouraging and listening to us as we work with the needs of the clients

Feona Davis, PhD, LCPC

  • Faith focus
  • Family friendly practice with the potential for professional growth
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